Thursday, October 18The Voice of London

Don’t Bomb Syria Protest: What do the people of London think?

Just a few days ago many were appalled to learn of the governments approval of airstrikes in Syria, We at Voice of London wanted to talk to the people protesting outside parliament on the night of the vote to ask why they think airstrikes are a bad idea, and if this could lead to serious repercussions for the people of London. Words: Megan Townsend, Video: Megan Townsend, Sub-editor: TBC

In addition to the public, we also spoke to Green Party MEP Caroline Lucas; a spokesperson for the Stop The War coalition and a insistent anti-war campaigner, as well as the controversial George Galloway.

“Well as you can hear in the background there is a lot of people who’ve come down to parliament tonight and I think a lot of people are deeply worried about the implications of the UK approving airstrikes on Syria, and I hope very much the voices are loud enough that MP’s inside Westminster behind us can hear them here tonight”

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