Friday, August 17The Voice of London

Do We Take Oxygen For Granted?

It may sound a bit silly, but living in London can make it difficult to give our body the clean oxygen it deserves, with high levels of pollution all around us. The oxygen that we rely on is far from clean, so my original infographic should give you some advice on how to purify the air in your house using plants when you step away from the city. From yoga to meditation, my research offers valuable advice to improve your breathing… after all, it is the key ingredient for us to live.

Words: Gemma Smith, Subeditor: Caitlyn Hudson


We all need a little inspiration from time-to-time, so I’m hoping that the below information is what it’ll do for you; inspire you to treasure our breath, the oxygen all around us that is so easily provided for us. We have nature to thank for that and the perfect set-up of this planet, so consciousness on this matter is well deserved. It’s important to appreciate the oxygen around us all for it is the most important element that we all need, on this beautiful Earth that we all share.

Infographic created by Gemma Smith:


Here is an extra visual to explain all the benefits of meditation (one of the best ways to gain control over your breathing). So there really is no excuse to not give it a go, even among the craziness of life that we all endure – in one way or another.

It’s not always easy to be at peace with yourself, especially living in such a busy city. But give it a go! The benefits are worth it and it will transform your energy flows – for your mind, body, soul and spirit.