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Do The Americans Have Something To Teach Us About Football?

The English are a proud Island people, with nothing more important than football. Fantasy football has been a big part of this in the Internet age. But have the Americans got something to teach us about … ‘Soccer’? Words: Jack Everitt

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Real fantasy football is a new site that offers fantasy football in a draft format, it’s a fresh new way to keep the whole Premier league season interesting for you and your friends. A highly competitive format that utilises a draft system to make sure no one in your league has the same player.

The site realff.com was started by 4 friends who became bored of the same old fantasy football sites, already fans of certain american sports, they thought a draft based football site could work. We spoke to one of the founders Marc Harries, who explains how they went about creating their site.

In order to start a league you’ll need at least eight friends. Once you are all ready it is as simple as organising a night for the draft, which is run on the fantastic new draft console the realff team has brought in for this year. Everyone is given a random draft position and the fun can begin.

With everyone having different players, this site brings about a highly competitive, season long rivalry between you and your friends. Gone are the fantasy football teams that all look identical after a few weeks into the season, as Marc explains.

If you are envious of your friends players at any point, you can always offer a trade. The trade system on this site is fantastic, let the mind games begin. Perhaps you have your eye on one of your mates star players, you can try to tempt them with as many as three of your own players.

Perhaps you can get one of their under performing superstars, In hope that they will turn it around later in the season.


Each week you face of against another member in your league in a true match day style. All week leading up to the match, the mind games can begin. Only by your team accumulating more points than your opponent can you claim the three points on offer and start to climb the league table.

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Early on though, you may not want to win. As the person who is bottom of the league gets first pick once the transfer window opens. So come January, If a big name player comes into the league, those at the top will probably miss out. This creates whole season competition, with those at the bottom having a better opportunity to improve.

You will have to pick your players carefully though. A goal scoring midfielder is usually the way forward.


Speaking to the founders of the site, they are keen to improve all areas. Whilst in their early stages there is a five pound charge to use the site. Once you start playing though, you will be happy that you made the investment. Because what else would you spend £4.99 on? As they say on the site “For £4.99, you can buy: A couple of pints (depending on where you live), 8 stamps, A hopeful weekend accumulator, James Blunt’s first album Or a whole season of absolute complete unmitigated joy with your friends!”

As well as the season long fun that the site brings, you can unleash your inner American with a pre-season draft night full of beer, pizza and football! what more could you ask for?