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Desperation? Justin Bieber Fans Queue Five Months In Advance Of Concert Date

Justin Bieber’s fans have started queuing months before his concert in order to get a “good spot.” Sigh. Where’s the parents?

Reporter: Raynor Fry | Sub-Editor: Chrys Salter


Source: Globo

Just when you thought ‘Beliebers’ couldn’t get any more crazy, known for their psycho antics [check out #CutForBieber circa 2013], Brazilian fans set up camp, literally, outside Rio de Janeiro’s Sambadrome where the singer will perform at the end of March 2017 for his ‘Purpose’ world tour, showing true idiocy to the star… I mean, dedication.

The tickets, which are now completely sold out, went on sale on October 25th, therefor his fans want to make sure they are as close to him as possible, you have to give it to them, we wonder how long they will last. Under 18’s were banned by police from the area, with cautions that they would dismantle ‘Camp Bieber’ if this was ignored.


Check out these fans who have started camping out at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 5 months before Justin Bieber’s #PurposeTour.

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Brazilian newspaper ‘O Globo’ reported that the fans, who have been there since Wednesday, brought tents, food, blankets and even insect repellent, literally turning it into Camp Bieber. One fan told the paper: “We are here for our idol and our love for him made us do this madness.”

130 fans take turns to guard the makeshift camp, as they still have school to attend [also mentioning the drug dealers close by], although five months may seem like a drag [because it is], the fans seem confident as back in 2013, for Bieber’s concert in Rio, they did the same thing two months in advance of his arrival.

Recently the singer has received criticism for shouting at fans during his UK concert in Manchester, because they were being too noisy for his liking. [Imagine going to a concert and being silent, LOL] Or like the time in Oslo, Norway because they wouldn’t let him clean up a spilled drink [wipes tear]. For the fans sake, let’s hope Justin doesn’t throw another tantrum and walk off stage early refusing to sing.