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Diane Von Furstenberg wasn’t impressed with Yeezy season 4

Written by: Jessica Penfold | Sub-editor: Grace Brown

During the women’s wear daily CEO summit earlier this week, designer Diane Von Furstenberg revealed she isn’t the biggest fan of Kanye West’s most recent Yeezy Season 4 fashion show, “Things like the Kanye-ization [of fashion], it’s okay. It’s a moment. It’s a thing. He ended up falling on his face so it’s fine.”

Whilst Kanye West fans will be quick to disagree with her, it was revealed that the show, which was based in New York, had models fainting mid show due to the scorching heat and models that could barely walk in the heels with some taking them off whilst walking.

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The New York based designer did however give a compliment in regards to Kanye’s attitude, “But the attitude of Kanye West — he’s cool, so there’s something there,”

Diane and Kanye have been pictured together in the past so it may just be the designer giving her input into what the true reality of how Kanye’s show played out which shocked onlookers as the conditions didn’t seem fair at all. Some critics say the models were being exploited by being made to walk in such conditions. Nothing she said came across as harsh, and from designer to designer she is more than likely going to give her opinion.



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Kanye didn’t comment on the fashion show and the criticism it received, which doesn’t come as a surprise as its known he isn’t the biggest fan of the media, despite appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians multiple times.