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Cosmetic Pop- Up Store: Birchbox Has Now Come To London

Being known as one of the most famous ‘Cosmetics in a box’ companies has now hit the streets of London.

Words: Tamara Hutchinson,  Subeditor: Mariya Hristova

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Birchbox is a cosmetic company which sells a variety of high class, top quality make-up and cosmetic brands in a box delivered to your doorstep.

Recently, Selfridges has kindly accepted the brand to be sold in their London store on Oxford street. This will give anyone the chance to buy a box. The advantage of Birchbox  being now held in Selfridges is that you can have a choice of what you would like in your box. Be aware, however, that the choice you get is not as variable as you would expect. The pop-up store has been created in celebration of the company running for 5 years.




When you buy your Birchbox in store:

  1. You choose 5  large sample sized products plus one extra- keyholder, strong hair band, 2 different sprays for better sleep
  2. There is a variety of top cosmetic brands to choose from
  3. Each box is only £15


If you are unable to go to London, then you can buy from the Birchbox website itself at: www.birchbox.co.uk