Monday, August 20The Voice of London

Chelsea’s Problems Keep Piling Up

Chelsea striker Diego Costa has once again shown his true colours.

Words: Ludovica D’Angio, Subeditor: Ena Bilobrk

After his retrospective three-match ban in January 2015 and his three-match suspension in September 2015, he still has not learnt his lesson. This time however, luck was on his side.

Two goals from Philippe Coutinho and a late strike from Christian Benteke brought Liverpool to success against the Blues on Saturday. Is this what made the Chelsea striker lose his mind? Another violent confrontation with Skrtel resulted in intense debates on whether the FA should have acted differently while dealing with the situation.

Diego Costa will not face any action for his clash with the Liverpool defender. This was decided from the Football Association as they believe the situation was handled well by the referee of the match. The FA was satisfied by the way everything was dealt with, even if the striker deserved at least a red card for the intensity of the clash.

Former Chelsea forward Tony Cascarino also stated that Costa was fortunate as he could have easily gotten banned. “Diego has probably been guilty of doing this way too often. Chelsea have gotten away with one. Diego is fortunate”, he added.

With Chelsea’s circumstances at the moment, the last thing that is needed are silly mistakes from players, mistakes that could easily be avoided.