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Chelsea… You Knew It Was Coming

If you are a big club, splashing the cash and comparing your players to Ronaldo. Then you better keep winning. Or the Internet will destroy you…

Words: Ludovica D’Angio, Subeditor: Ena Bilobrk

Meme’s are cropping up all over the internet and they have a new target. Man United went through it, Liverpool faced it and now it’s Chelsea’s turn. It’s only fair… right?

We took a look at some of the best meme’s about the Blues’ struggles, so far.

hazard meme
Source: Troll Football

No Hazard, no goals. Jose Mourinho is desperate to get his star-player back in form.


Source: Troll Football

Chelsea is even receiving sympathy points

Source: Troll Football

Mourinho is clearly weighing up his chances at staying manager at Chelsea. But the future doesn’t look too bright.


Source: Troll Football

The situation is becoming so tragic that nobody is considering what Chelsea is doing. Probably because they are not a threat anymore.

Is Chelsea going to get back on their feet? We do hope so, as being overtaken by Watford doesn’t suit the current Champions. Will they manage to catch up and get a little higher on that list?