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Chefs of Tomorrow: The Future of Young Talent

Chefs of Tomorrow is a project that aims to enhance young chefs by giving them the ability to showcase their talent and work with real professionals in the field. The project runs as four events through the year and there are 16 chefs taking part.  Last Saturday we visited the first event of the year, which was held at Druid Street Market and there we spoke to the co-founder of the project and some of the young chefs.

Words: Lyubomira Ivanova, Subeditor: Toni Hart, Photos: Lyubomira Ivanova 

While getting a job in the culinary industry might be really hard, there are so many people and events that can enable young professionals to grow in the field. Chefs of Tomorrow is one of those projects that not only displays the upcoming talents but also helps them to create strong relationships within the industry.

When we spoke to the producer Anna Masing, we were more than surprised to find out she has never been a chef herself. And yet as she proclaims “food is home, we carry home with us wherever we go. We build home trough cooking, eating and trying things”.

Chefs of Tomorrow arrives at Druid Street Market
Chefs of Tomorrow arrives at Druid Street Market

All of which sums up the main idea behind the project; trying new and exciting things, bringing together diverse people and helping them share their own ‘signature’ dish.

Instead of using “mentor workshops” the young chefs will have the ability to work with Dan Doherty, chef and founder of the project, as well as with head chefs of different restaurants. The whole platform is a series of four dinners where 16 chefs will be collaborating with professionals, displaying their talent and learning how to run the whole business.

Preparing the fish for one of the meals offered by Chefs of Tomorrow
Preparing the fish for one of the meals offered by Chefs of Tomorrow

As Anna describes, in a way it is a place where they could experience and try different things, meet people and establish new friendships with their peers. The platform is the place where they can learn from the mistakes they make, enrich their experience and “understand how the business works”, Anna says.

Potato pancake, dukkah lamb and green chilli yoghurt, Chefs of Tomorrow

On our visit on Saturday, we spoke to Julien Pickersgill and Lorent Baratki, two of the chefs who are taking part in the project. Back in 2013, Julien was named the British Culinary Foundation Young Chef of 2013. But, as he says his experience dates way back in time. He has always been interested in the culinary industry and for him Chefs of Tomorrow is just the next step in the process. Young and cheerful, he knows what he wants and definitely knows how to get it.

Chefs of Tomorrow arrives at Druit Street Market

And while Pickersgill started his career in London, Baratki comes from a completely different background. After doing a culinary degree back in his home country, Hungary, he started his career in catering and as he says he has been in the business “for more than seven years”.

“Then it was time for a new challenge so I moved in the UK with my wife”, Baratki tells.

For both of them, Chefs of Tomorrow is an exciting opportunity that will help them grow and develop, while enriching the knowledge and experience they already have gained over the years.

It is all about “Talent, Opportunity and Future”.