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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Your Sexual Health

Sexual health isn’t the easiest subject to talk about. In fact, many people are too embarrassed to even get checked for STIs. But as a young adult the chances of contracting one are even higher. Over half of the newly diagnosed STIs are accounted for in individuals under the age of 25.

Words: Jade Ratcliffe, Subeditor: Caitlyn Hudson

Entertainers Ooh-La Lou. Source: Sexpo
Entertainers Ooh-La Lou. Source: Sexpo

Sexpo™, the world’s largest sexual health and lifestyle exhibition is giving you the chance to know your body better than ever before. The event is exclusively for over 18’s and will run from 4.30-10pm on the 13th-15th November at the London Olympia.

It’s not just about the clinic – you can expect live entertainment, seminars, workshops and shopping galore! The UK’s hottest strip act, The Dreamboys, will be performing an exclusive never seen before performance with chances to meet and greet them after. For one lucky winner there’s even a date with them up for grabs.

Learn how to make floggers, pole dance and the basics of burlesque along with classes on spanking, orgasms and sex toys! This exhibition is like no other! You’ll be a pro in bed after the oral masterclasses and insight into the world of BDSM. Learn how to keep your partner happy with the explicit class on how to make lovemaking last longer by “coming without coming”.

Struggling to get over your ex? Dating expert Craig Rogers will share enlightening tips and techniques on how to cope with life after an ex. After all, it can’t be all about the bedroom!

If you get tested at the sexual health clinic on the day, then you’ll be rewarded with a free goody bag! And as it is Movember, the men’s health charity “Love Your Balls” will be raising awareness on testicular cancer and how to check your balls.

Entertainers The Folly Mixtures. Source: Sexpo
Entertainers The Folly Mixtures. Source: Sexpo

You should get tested regularly if you are sexually active. The common misinterpretation is that you can only contract a sexually transmitted infection if you are having unprotected sex. But are you always so careful? Do you always use condoms for oral sex? And have you ever heard of a dental dam? Dental dams work in the same way as condoms; the latex goes in and around your mouth for when you are performing oral sex on a woman. They are rarely used, putting you at a higher risk of infection.

Sharing and failing to clean sex toys properly is an easy way of passing on Chlamydia. After all, you can’t tell if someone has it just by looking at them. In 2012, Chlamydia accounted for over 144,000 cases in under 25-year-olds. It is now the most common diagnosed STI in England. However, some aren’t as easy to recognise as others, and many people will be living with them without realising. Neglecting getting tested can lead to long-term problems, such as infertility, cancer and even death.

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