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Chatting with WillKateLady About Starting Your Own Blog

Kamo Mafokwane (also known as WillKateLady) and I have a little chat about her blog, style and what made her start the website and getting your own beauty and style blog started.

Words: Tsakane Chabane, Subeditor: Lauren Banton

The lovely WillKateLady rocking one of her fave trends, the knee-high boots.
The lovely WillKateLady rocking one of her fave trends, the knee-high boots.

Kamogelo Mafokwane is a London based beauty and lifestyle blogger born in South Africa. I spoke to the lovely Kamo about her personal brand and style. She along with a friend of hers started the blog WillKateLady.

Trying to make your way into the fashion industry can be hard. Some people slave away doing internship after internship at magazines, fashion houses and PR agencies, trying to edge their way in. Others make a name for themselves by creating a blog or vlog channel on Youtube. Much like Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter, Fleur De Force and even WillKateLady.

Blogs can be like your portfolio or an extension of your business card. You give the link to your blog and your future employers or clients can see the type of work you do. They can see the quality and content, and from that they review whether your brand and theirs can collaborate. Yes, brand. You kind of need a brand, an image that you represent. Something your audience can identify with or aspire to.

Starting a vlog or blog can be hard. Managing your time and content might be alien concepts to you at first. What kind of stuff should you put up? Who are you uploading for? When should you post?

Look at other blogs. What are your favourite blogs? What do you like about them? What do they do really well? Maybe it’s the way they look, or the kind of posts they have. Are they about lifestyle? Fashion? Beauty? Maybe a combination of the three. While you’re browsing though their sites, you can find out what your own style is.

Defining and identifying your personal style is the next step. It sets a foundation for your brand. That in turn gives you a direction. This also helps you with the aesthetic of your blog. The colours, fonts and over all look of the site. Knowing what your brand is, knowing your audience. Who are you creating for? What kind of person are they? What are their interests?

Like Kamo says, find your niche. The clearer your intention, the more likely it is that you will gain loyal followers as they know that you will post the kind of things they want to see. Be bold about it. Don’t shy away from being creative and making what you want to make. You can always refine your content as you go along.

Once you’ve discovered your voice, you need to become consistent. Post regularly. Every fortnight, once a month, or twice a week. Whatever it is, make it consistent so that your audience know when to expect your post and maybe even plan their day around that. Once you get into the rhythm of it, planning, creating and posting become second nature.

So you’ve figured out what your gonna write about, who you’re writing to and when you’re gonna post but you’re not making money. Don’t think about that. Like at all. Most businesses will only begin using you and your services once they know that collaborating with you will bring them more consumers, your audience.

Think of it like an internship or volunteer work. No pay but tons of experience and opportunities for exposure. You can even expand your contact list. The fashion industry can be about who you know as much as what you know. So don’t be afraid to network. Sometimes up-and-coming designers, models, beauty brands and bloggers collaborate to boost each other’s profiles, so that could be helpful for you as a beginner.

Lastly, don’t let people discourage you. There will always be people who write mean things online, if you’ve ever gone into the comment section of anything ever, there is always someone with something negative to say. If you really love what you’re doing and you have a following, keep going. Don’t give up, just allow your blog the chance to grow.

Hopefully, Kamo and I have given you the courage to start your own blog. So go out there and be fabulous!

WillKateLady's Kamo Mafokwane
WillKateLady’s Kamo Mafokwane