Changes must happen at all levels – Minorities’ representation in the entertainment industry

On September 26thGLAAD released the latest “Where We are on TV” report, which tracks LGBT representation in the entertainment industry. This year’s findings were particularly outstanding. According to GLAAD, 8.8% of the upcoming characters for season 2018-2019 are going to be LGBT, with an increase of the 2.4% and Netflix was the streaming platform with the highest number of LGBT appearances. Also, this year, across broadcast, cable and streaming platforms, there are “26 regular and recurring transgender characters.”

This seems to be a good sign that the industry is shifting to a more inclusive representation system.

An interesting opinion on the topic of representation – of any kind – in the entertainment media was given by Osman Baig, during the Q&A after his new play Fake News. Data is showing progress all over the media platforms, of course, but are things really changing within the industry? Osman asks himself. Showing characters belonging to minorities on screen or on theatres’ stages it’s not enough, he argues, changes must happen at all levels.

This is not to say steps forward are not being made, but that more have to be done before equality can be fully achieved.

Words by: Matilde Moro

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