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‘See now, buy now’ should be integrated in the fashion industry

‘See now, buy now’ should be integrated in the fashion industry

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The advancement in technology has led the fashion industry to adopt a ‘see now, buy now’ model. More beneficial for the designers and the customers, the model allows designers to sell and showcase their work through online methods. Many fashion houses have spoken highly and have adopted it to market their products and increase sales. From big companies such as Kering, which owns Gucci, Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta, to smaller fashion companies, the model has worked in their favour, and sales are increasing tremendously. photo by Rex Features Initially, many fashion houses were quite sceptical about shifting from the conventional way of marketing designs. Tom Ford stated: “The current way of showing a collection four months before it is available to customers is an antiquated ide

Introducing VEX – A new online news opinion magazine

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Introducing VEX...Voices Explained. Written by: Chrys Salter & Daniel Khalili-Tari VEX magazine will aim to be a leading news, opinion and world issues publication, paving the way for intelligent comment, discussion and conversation on the world around us. Combining politics, education, global pandemics and culture, VEX magazine will cover the most relevant events which are shaping our planet into what it is today, by executing articles with beautifully clean cut and delicately designed layouts and images, alongside articulate and concise articles which get to the heart of any given issue. Students and adolescents throughout the world are politically and socioeconomically frustrated. From the Anonymous protests in London to the student organised demonstrations in Hong Kong...

The Design Museum opens today in London

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Reporter: Mariya Grinina | Sub-Editor: Alina Isachenka The Design Museum opens to the public in its new location today. The museum moved from a former banana warehouse in Shad Thames to a mid-century building on Kensington High Street. The former Commonwealth Institute was restored into a spectacular minimalistic space by architectural designer John Pawson. New building is three times bigger than the old one, and is filled with natural light coming from its parabolic copper roof. It houses three exhibition spaces, a designers-in-residence studio, learning spaces, a library and archive, a restaurant and café. And the good news – the permanent exhibition is free, for the first time of the museum’s existence since 1989.
Trump’s victory ignites anger throughout America

Trump’s victory ignites anger throughout America

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Citizens across the United States are outraged by the outcome of the presidential election and have gathered to protest against this shock win for Trump. Reporter: Alex Zendra | Sub-editor: Maria Llamas This is no Cinderella story, nor a Rocky Balboa saga... more like revenge of the Sith - in Star Wars. Donald Trump crept up into politics announcing himself as someone fit to run as president. This stage in American politics seems almost fiction... but, for some people, is a scary reality. People were congregating around Trumps Tower such as the one in New York and other buildings in major cities. Protesters also took to the streets of Chicago, a city which was rooting for Clinton- due in correlation to the cities polls. Trump exceeded the 270 threshold that a candidate needs