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8 New Things To Watch On Netflix This December

8 New Things To Watch On Netflix This December

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Words: Isabella Dawe | Subbing: Fatima Nasir When you're sick of turkey, board games and the annual re-runs of Home Alone on TV this Christmas, here are eight things Netflix UK added this December that are actually worth watching 1. Dark Set in a small town in Germany, when children start to go missing their friends and family frantically search for them. The series features a group of kids as it's main characters, so think Stranger Things, but German and a lot more bloody. Watch the English dubbed version rather than the German with subtitles, as it's easier to follow. This is equally scary and gripping, so it won't take you long to get through this ten episode series. 2. Kick-Ass A modern cult-classic, Kick-Ass is one of those movies ...
Food and multitasking, is it healthy and  productive?

Food and multitasking, is it healthy and productive?

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Some of us love having a screen in our faces while eating, whether it is at work on your desk, or at home watching TV. Ayurvedic therapist Niti Nayee, told the Voice of London that we should eat with the TV off. In fact, all screens off. She also says that we eat the meal with a lot more mindfulness and consciousness, as it is about the energy that goes into the process of eating food. What is ayurvedic therapy? This is the oldest holistic medical system in the world. Originated in India, it promotes herbal medicine and very precise diets. Practitioners take the mind, body and soul into account. “I would rather eat a banana cake that I made - which may not be the most nutritious choice from a diet point of view, rather than a store-bought, raw, vegan banana cake. Whe
Blue Planet II leaves viewers in guilt

Blue Planet II leaves viewers in guilt

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Words: Fatima Nasir | Subbing: BBC One’s master piece based on the Earth’s oceans aired its finale last night leaving viewers mesmerised by the beauty of the blue planet and feeling absolutely remorseful. The finale came with a warning and a deep-set realization for most. Enthusiast audience for the show were quick to take to twitter their increased concerns about the world's oceans as a result of David's revelations. One user expressed, 'This man is a hero. Our hearts are breaking'. Another Twitter user exclaimed the documentary to be 'heart-breaking'. Narrated by David Attenborough the expletory documentary series explores the depth of the seas, the fascinating creatures residing in the blue waters and discusses in detail marine conservation, pollution and