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Tips for solo female travellers

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Travelling alone may not be easy for women. With these tips, your adventure will be memorable. By: Marwa Khalifa | Sub-Editor: Adrian Vasilescu First things first, 1- scan your documents, i.e. passport, driving licence, tickets, insurance card and email them to yourself and to a friend or family member. 2- Be confident: Do not be worried or fearful even if you are lost. Stay calm and pay attention to everything at all times. Yes, it will be challenging but eventually, it will be ok. 3- Go out during the day if possible: The darker it gets, the more likely incidents are to happen. If you are planning to travel on long journeys, try and think about doing it during the day. Also, use trusted transportation and avoid taking taxis by yourself at night. If you travel by tra

All you need to know about London’s Night Tube

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London is a city that rarely sleeps, but now it’s more busy and bustling than ever on Friday and Saturday nights with the addition of the new Night Tube. Reporter: Jack Leslie | Sub-Editor: Joseph Carey Almost three years after it was originally announced, the Night Tube launched back in August with services on the Central and Victoria lines between 12:30 and 5:30am – when tube lines would normally be shut. The Jubilee soon joined them and with two more lines set to consolidate the Night Tube before the end of the year, here’s your guide to using it: Which lines run the Night Tube? The entire Victoria line now runs with a 24-hour service on Friday and Saturdays, with trains expected every 10 minutes through the night connecting north and south London. The Central line has the s

Members’ club for creatives inside a former public loo (podcast)

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Our reporter Mariya Grinina meets the co-founder to speak about London’s most unusual members’ club. Reporter, Producer: Mariya Grinina | Sub-editor: Joseph Carey Bermondsey Arts Club has a rather unusual setting. Built in a disused Victorian toilet, it boasts a spacious Art Deco room and an elegant bar area, with original wall and floor tiles, and marble-clad bar and table tops made from the stone that was originally used as toilet cubicle separators. Opened in 2014 by George Garnier and Joe Lowe (who also run Artistic-Spaces together), the club is an artistic hub where creatives gather for drinks, live jazz and various events. Although such setting may seem unappealing, the chic design and chilling atmosphere manages to deliver a pleasant experience. “Even if we didn’t have this unus

Three royal parks you might want to prioritise

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You don’t usually have time to visit all of London’s Royal Parks during a single trip, but if you were to come up with a top three list of priorities, these should definitely be on it. I had time to visit all of them during the two years I have been living in London for. The ones on the list are essentially in my personal top three, which I strongly recommend visiting. Reporter: Adrian Vasilescu | Sub-Editor: Joseph Carrey Richmond Park The park is open to cars and cyclists. So you can enjoy a relaxing joyride or feel the wind blowing towards you as you cycle on the designated paths. When I visited the park, a cyclist, Leo, happened to be ‘chilling’ on the side of the road. “Oh, I’m just catching my breath”, he said. He cycles in Richmond Park quite often: “At least once a week”, he s