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What they never tell you about being Asian and female in London

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People all over the world come to London, mesmerised by its sheer rawness of the passion, the love, the spirit.  They are blended into the traces of history and tradition lingering in every gesture of the English people and at every corner of the English streets. But sometimes we forget the diversity of cultures, minds, and voices that are interlocked in the community. Some are constantly prodded and probed to provide an explanation for their Asian looks, with basic manners and personal space hardly respected.   Women aged 18-23 from Chinese, South Korean, and Japanese heritage currently residing in London were interviewed to share their experience of living in London under these conditions. While the women did not hesitate to share their love for the city’s international cuisin
Top five free libraries in London you must visit

Top five free libraries in London you must visit

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  London is a city filled with hidden treasures and this is my treasure map for you.  If you are a bookworm then this is the article is your pot of gold, but if you are not so keen on reading, stay with me - because here is a list of the top five free libraries in London and why you must visit them regardless.     The British Library The largest library in the world has been located right under your nose all this time. On Euston Road, 44 years have passed and the British Library is still standing strong with a collection of 13,950,000 books.  A heavenly place for book lovers. But what if you are not the biggest fan of reading? The British Library is not a home only for books but also holds various exhibitions. This month it’s Harry Potter: A History of

Lost, confused and wondering where I am: Culture shock and how to overcome it

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Culture shock - we’ve all had it. That bizarre feeling of disorientation and confusion we experience when we’re faced with a way of life that is completely different to our own. We sit excitedly through the journey, enter foreign territory, gather our first impressions, and then it hits us - like a basketball in the face. It doesn’t matter how much research we do before we leave our hometown, culture shock will always be there to greet us when we set foot into new territory. Nor does it matter if the country we’re visiting speaks the same language as us - something is bound to be different. Asya Gadzheva and Stoyan Minkov, both 21, moved halfway across the continent from Bulgaria to embark on a full time three-year degree in London. "It took me a long while to get used to the
A Carnaby Christmas: the switch on

A Carnaby Christmas: the switch on

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Carnaby hosted the annual party last night for the world-famous Christmas lights switch on. Last night, those in Carnaby Street were able to start the festive season with a bang. The lights switched on at 6pm, along with blasted confetti cannons and the soundtrack of DJ Norman Jay. Shoppers found themselves immersed in shimmering installations, neon lights and discounted brands. It was a night of carnival themed entertainment and free pop-up cocktails that all enjoyed. Couldn't make it? Check out our gallery below.   © Voice of London, Olivia Herring That’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone who came down and enjoyed our #CarnabyChristmas Carnival this year. pic.twitter.com/X2ktMrnbnP — Carnaby London (@CarnabyLondon) November 9, 2017       Words: Olivi