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5 ways you can save money this party season

5 ways you can save money this party season

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We all know how expensive it is to go out in London, here's some tips on how you can save money if you're a party animal. I may be smiling but inside I’m crying knowing that I could have made these drinks much cheaper at home, instead of having to work an entire shift to afford it! So, here they are: 1. Buy advanced tickets for a night out, so plan earlier. 2. Take a big bag so you can squeeze your coat in, save that £2 to pay for some of your meal deal tomorrow. 3. Food! Make a packed lunch before you go out. That way you save £56 on buying food after a night out in London. 4. Pack your bag with suitable footwear, so you don't need to buy a pair of flip flops on your way home. 5. Pre drink properly, but responsibly.         W
The top 5 holiday destinations for December

The top 5 holiday destinations for December

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December is the most tempting month of the year to leave the country in search of much-needed heat. In some ways it might be true that ‘no one does Christmas quite like London’, but there's something special about whisking away to escape the bitter cold. Swapping winter chills and cracked blue lips for sun-kissed skin and sandy toes was never a bad idea. With Christmas fast approaching, we have gathered a small collection of the best holiday destinations for last-minute getaways that will truly give you the travel experience of a lifetime. 1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Average temperature: 28°C Rio prides itself in being gloriously hot during London’s winter season, not to mention its stunning beaches along the coast of the South Atlantic Ocean. Brazilians are known for their infec

A choir will warm you up ’tis season at Leicester Square

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Busking away every Saturday morning on the Leicester Square is the band of Jesus’s very own army from the God’s Vision Church at the heart of central London. Their singing may not the most polished of sounds, as most of them are seeing the lyrics for the first time, but that is exactly their purpose: to simply sing out their passion for the love of Christ and spread its joy. Led by Pastor Young-joo Lee, the team of singing evangelists sacrifice their morning snoozes and Saturday brunches to inform, sing aloud and pray for the city of London. As choir sings the contemporary Christian tunes to the acoustic guitar, a glance at the individual faces tells you that while they would never find themselves on stage for anything, being together in faith with the rest of their Christian community