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Edward Snowden on Trump and what it says for Online Privacy

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Yesterday, the former NSA contractor was interviewed through a live feed from Moscow in an event held in the Netherlands by private browser StartPage. He was asked about multiple recent topics but the question on everyone's mind was of course the new president Donald J. Trump and what Snowden thinks of him. Reporter: Emre Gunes / Subeditor: Ryan Yeo Edward Snowden talked about the civic duty of the citizen to defend privacy and that new mass surveillance models unveiled in Russia and China are a bad omen for things to come. “They got away with it because they said they’d modelled it on America’s laws” essentially making them immune to western criticisms as they would need to denounce their own policies in the process. Especially now with the social media backlash and public o
Is your phone case really protecting your device?

Is your phone case really protecting your device?

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Tech 21 doesn't think so Reporter: Joseph Carey | Sub-Editor: Jack Leslie Whenever we get a new phone we’re always really protective over it, we don’t want it to go out into the world of hard surfaces and jagged edges without a case on. The only trouble with this is that the case market is so gargantuan that it’s hard to separate the good cases from the bad ones, they all look the same on Amazon… The Voice of London recently got to take a tour of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to celebrate its recent partnership with Tech 21, a British case manufacturer that’s growing exponentially. Before we were shown the testing rooms we were given a presentation by Tech 21 who were keen to differentiate their cases from others out there. Their Chief Marketing Officer, Colin Woodward star