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David Haye punches opponent at London press conference

David Haye punches opponent at London press conference

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Just hype, or too far? Reporter: Ryan Elliott With March 4, 2017 now locked in as the date for David Haye’s pay-per-view grudge match with Liverpool’s Tony Bellew, fans can begin to get excited about the night’s action that awaits them. The pair came face-to-face at their London press conference last week, with things perhaps escalating beyond the expected. Following the exchange of heated words between both parties, a fiery head-to-head ended with a push from Tony Bellew, before a swift left hand was thrown by Haye. Did ‘The Hayemaker’ go too far given the responsibility that comes with being a professional sportsman? Hear from the man himself.
Go local to watch your football

Go local to watch your football

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When students get a day off from college or university work most want to relax. Watching football on the weekend is a great way to relieve any stress. But some students are unable to see their favourite players live. Reporter: Sajid Hassan Match and season tickets in the Premier League have risen for the top clubs and are forcing money stretching students away. One alternative may be to invest in your local club. A cheaper alternative to the big leagues, you could have a more enjoyable experience. Below is my three minute audio piece about rising season ticket prices and possible solutions. A shorter piece was featured in the Voice of London radio show. Also check out my other article for more money saving ideas. For example: instead of watching the Arsenal/Tottenham derby from the Em...

Tyson Fury: The Most Misunderstood Champion

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Despite Tyson Fury's controversial, crude and over exaggerated character, has his personal issues allowed his outlandish persona to be understood? Reporter: Alex Zendra Tyson Fury, the unconventional, weird, outrageous British boxer who accomplished an unlikely task, ending the decade reign of- Wladimir Klitschko- in their fight. The Britton- Fury saw his stock had risen from defeating the Ukrainian world champion- from the boxing community. Not exactly from the entire British public. Many people understand the former heavyweight champion of the world to be, brash, arrogant, rude and a weird character-… but an excellent pugilist. Tyson had left remarks which the media understood as sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. Statements such as “Zionist Jewish people own all the banks all