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The Faux Freckle Trend: An Insecurity Becoming Fashion.

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Why is faux freckles a thing? Reporter: Kat L'Aiguille |  Sub-Editor: Zynab Sandhu How have some people's insecurities become fashion? I say insecurities, as before it was never a thing to show off. People would usually cover them with makeup, they would treat it like any other blemish. It is hard to show freckles under makeup especially foundation. Now freckles have become something to show off. People are using makeup to their advantage and are adding 'faux' freckles on top of their makeup. I wanted to find out what your average girl thinks about the trend, having tried it out themselves. Here are the results. Name: Lina Nielson Age: 20 Occupation: Runner, Student - Lina, what is your opinion on the faux freckle look? -" I have nothing to do with it, I just think faux