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Brexit’s Effect on Travel

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Considering the obvious effects Brexit will have on the United Kingdom’s involvement with the European Union, British travel will undoubtedly be affected. British citizens will not need visas to travel into the EU though they will have to pass through passport control. Whilst, this is probably not inconvenient enough to hinder any future travel plans, the value of the pound is certainly enough for to Brits reconsider holiday abroad. Because the value of the pound compared to the Euro and U.S. Dollar has declined, U.K. travellers could be reluctant to stretch their holiday budget across the sea. Many university students will not know a life of self-funded travel pre-Brexit. Accordingly, Univeristy of Westminster students do not seem too concerned about the possible setbacks of internationa

The ultimate braingasm with tingling sensation: ASMR

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Thanks to the Internet, now there is an easy, mentally healthy way to relax that fits people of all ages. Introducing, the tingling sensation on your head called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR. Reporter: Abigail Megan Widya Towards the end of term and year, students and workers alike are on their busiest period. If you’re struggling to find a way to relax, trying out your Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response might be the way to go. Though the name sounds very scientific and somewhat complicated, there are not many pieces of research or scientific explaining behind this brain and bodily sensation. Ever heard certain noises and feel tingles down your spine? You might have experienced ASMR. Try this one.   Some peopl
Young Londoners campaign for cleaner air

Young Londoners campaign for cleaner air

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I spoke to one young Londoner striving to give young people a voice on issues surrounding the environment. Reporter: Chloe Chapman | Sub-Editor: Jack Cummings In light of the recent US Presidential election, fear has spread across the globe about the fate of our planet. Donald Trump has been vocal about his views on the global warming crisis for years on social media, tweeting controversial statements like “Any and all weather events are used by the GLOBAL WARMING HOAXTERS to justify higher taxes to save our planet!”. Despite what Trump believes, 97 percent of scientists have agreed that humans are responsible for climate change and that it’s a very real threat to our planet. With air pollution being one of the main culprits for global warming, focus has recently shifted to Lon

Londoners facing chaos due to Southern rail strike

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Reporter: Micaela Kolischer Southern rail has announced a number of strikes, after the network halted on December 13th. Bosses of the rail service agreed to have a meeting with unions, hoping to settle the disagreement, the BBC reported. The meeting will take place this Tuesday, however, there is another planned strike due to happen on Friday 16th. For now, unions announced they would strike on December 16th, 19th, 20th, 31st and January 9th. Commuters in London have felt the pain and expressed their frustrations on social media: