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U2 to perform in Trafalgar Square for the Europe Music Awards

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Words: Lavinia Petrucci | Subbing: Bernadette Galbraith U2 have decided to celebrate their Global Icon award with a free performance for MTV Presents Trafalgar Square. Part of the performance will be broadcast during the EMAs this Sunday. The Europe Music Awards will be in London this Sunday. The show always features a live performance from a landmark of the city hosting the awards and this year U2 will be performing in Trafalgar Square for 7,000 people. The band will be honoured with the global icon award during the ceremony, which will be held at the SSE Arena in Wembley. Previous recipients of the award include Queen (2011), Eminem (2013) and Whitney Houston (2012). Their performance will be this Saturday and is free to attend. Tickets for this exclusive event have to be won thr...

Bringing back sound and soul with streaming

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Words: Demi Bailey-Paul | Subbing: Bernadette Galbraith SoundCloud has established itself as a place where artists can escape the mainstream and create their own independent content without being confined to fit one rigid genre. Has this streaming service allowed British Soul music to break onto the scene and re-emerge again? With the likes of Sade being one of the first prominent R&B/Soul musicians to introduce the world to the British side of soul music, who paved the way for the likes of Emeli Sande and Lianne La Havas who also made their mark on the British music scene with their innovative sound of soft harmonies and meaningful lyrics. Their unique British spin was what set them apart from the mainstream American soul music. As they manifested into their music, their experiences...

Institutionalised sexism in the music industry: Are we taking the right approach?

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Words: Bernadette Galbraith | Subbing: Kiera Chapman It's time to start asking questions. Questions like 'where are all the female sound engineers?' And 'why can't more women dress for themselves, not someone else?' A recent Guardian analysis revealed that more than two-thirds of live music acts performing in the UK tonight will feature no women on stage. This statistic comes at a time when women continue to fight for gender equality in a range of forms and whilst this is not a shocking revelation, we are still talking about the issue. It begs the question: are the right tactics being implemented to banish the gender gap in music, once and for all? The music industry holds an extremely prominent and influential place amongst the younger generation, making it vital that both genders ar...