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The return of music documentaries: are they showing their true colours?

The return of music documentaries: are they showing their true colours?

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Words: Lavinia Petrucci | Subbing: Marija Tomsone Documentaries have been a tool for music artists to express themselves in ways they can’t with press interviews. In the past few years we have seen some quality ones come out such as Amy or What Happened, Miss Simone? and fun ones like Katy Perry’s Part of Me. But with three major documentaries of this genre being released in the last month, a true come back is upon us.   Demi Lovato’s Simply Complicated gives an insight of the singer’s life without forgetting to promote her new album. She seems to open up about everything, from being bullied in school to the first time she ever tried cocaine. It does not seem like a casual documentary in which the viewers are invisible, probably because trying to fit her entire life in an hour a
Tonight Alive release new single and tour dates

Tonight Alive release new single and tour dates

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Words: Bernadette Galbraith | Subbing: Joanne Clark Sydney rockers Tonight Alive surprised fans this week with the release of a new single that brings them back to their rockier roots. Set in the communal area of a toilet for the most part, Tonight Alive's new music video shows signs of the guitars being amped up a notch, as we see an angsty Jenna McDougall climbing over sinks. Fans were greeted with the release of a new single Temple, along with a brand new music video on Monday night. This announcement marks the 4th studio album from the band, which goes by the name Underworld. On Instagram lead vocalist, McDougall expressed her excitement sharing the album artwork that she helped to create. https://www.instagram.com/p/BaUm3gQAPxE/?hl=en&taken-by=nureality108 Tonight Alive...

ANTI-FLAG promote new album “American Fall” with London art show

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Words: Sal Fasone | Subbing: Bella Dawe "You got your bomb, got your blood. And now we've had enough." Pittsburgh punk-rockers ANTI-FLAG showcase new anti-Trump artwork at album promo show in Kentish Town The band decided to showcase the hard-hitting art, created in collaboration with artists Doug Dean and Noah Scalin, in a one-day-only art exhibition and exclusive gig at The Bull and Gate pub in North London.   Anti-Flag are known for using their album artwork to challenge social issues such as racism and division around the world and American Fall is an album that definitely inspires change. The album focuses on social issues affecting America in particular and aims to spread kindness by addressing issues such as gun laws and Trump's media propaganda. To accompany the

Sounds of the Underground

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There are always lots of musicians playing music in the many stations for the London Underground. Every musician has their own story. They insist on their dream, even though they may suffer from many of life's pressures. This video shows the different types of music from talented London Underground artists, and their spirit of music and life.