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On the radar: Is Shenzhen’s creative hub going to change the way we think about China?

On the radar: Is Shenzhen’s creative hub going to change the way we think about China?

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Overpopulated cities, cheap-labour workers and smog-wreathed urban landscapes - what else can one think when it comes to describing China? The ‘mecca’ of fake-goods, Shenzhen is to scrap the conventional stereotypes and attract more tourists with its brainchild creative hub. Reporter: Alina Isachenka, Subeditor: Mariya Grinina Looking at the striking landscape of the fast-paced city, it’s hard to believe that only 30 years ago Shenzhen was a small fishing-village best known for its close location to Hong Kong. Now Shenzhen envisions itself as an emerging creative hub, welcoming a new wave of visitors and creative professionals within the shores of a communist China. In 2007 the southeastern Chinese city saw the launch of the OCT loft – a creative hub of art and design in the S

BT is turning old Phoneboxes into free 1Gbps Wi-Fi Hotspots

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British Telecommunications will begin to roll out free Wi-Fi hotspots around London after successfully releasing LinkNYC in New York at the beginning of 2016. Reporter: Emre Gunes | Sub-Editor: Jack Leslie BT has teamed up with Primesight and Intersection to introduce Link kiosks in London after having turned New York's old Phone booths into ultra-modern Wi-fi hotspots this January. "Hundreds of users within range of a Link will be able to access free ultrafast Wi-Fi on the move, with speeds up to 1Gbps - the fastest free public Wi-Fi service available,” BT said. The kiosks will be fitted with modern cellular connections enabling users to call landline and mobile phone numbers for free. Additionally, the kiosks offer bonus features such as charging stations, map access, navigat