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Hate at first taste

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No matter how much you love food or how big of a foodie you consider yourself to be, there is at least one type of food that the mere thought of makes you heave. We asked 7 Londoners which weird and wonderful food they disliked the most…. Have you ever wondered why that one food make your insides churn? Why does just the smell of it set you sweating? Are you just being fussy or is there a deeper reasoning behind your aversion? Well wonder no more. There are four widely accepted reasons behind our individual dislikes for certain foods... Genetics – Research has revealed that humans can be divided into three categories with regards to taste. These being; super-tasters, regular-tasters and non-tasters. Super-taster: Someone who experiences ta

Cereal Giant releases advent calendar

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December is a month away but for cereal lovers Christmas has come early...Kellogg's have released their first ever advent calendar, '24 bowls 'til Christmas!'. Behind each door you will discover a miniature box of Kellogg's cereal (enough for a single serving). Boxes will include classics such as; coco pops, cornflakes, frosties and rice krispies. However, doors may also unveil some cereals you haven't tried before... The Kellogg's Advent Calendar is in store now at @tesco! Open the door to one of our variety boxes every day in the build up to Christmas! — Kellogg’s UK & IRE (@KelloggsUK) October 23, 2017 @KelloggsUK The UK's first ever cereal based advent calendar costs just £4 and is available exclusively in Tesco stores.   It

Queer fashion: it was always there, now it is out there

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Queer fashion is now taking over the industry to prove that the world is not black and white. “A boy can look like a girl. A girl can look like a boy. I think it doesn’t matter so much anymore. - Stephanie Cooper, fashion lecturer at the University of Westminster The world of fashion constantly changes and year after year we see how boundaries slightly disappear. Not long ago, gender was one of the barriers that society imposes. Now, however, we can spot the liberty of the XXI century right there, on the catwalk. Brands like Nicopanda or JW Anderson care less and less about gender and show it on their fashion shows. Queer fashion, however, is nothing new. In fact, it has always been there, waiting for the time to came out and be accepted by the public. And now, when the tim

Cutting meat out of your diet will not make you look like your super skinny vegan friend

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Having recently learned that pigs have the ability to learn to play video games faster than your average three year-old (I swear, fact check me), I revisited my yearning to cut meat out of my diet despite my horrific lack of willpower. When talking to a friend about just this, she mentioned she would only cut meat out of her diet as a means of losing weight. This had me wondering, would simply just cutting meat out of my diet facilitate weight loss? Seems too easy - and it is. But, only to an extent. While cutting meat out of your diet can aid in weight-loss, it takes a fair amount of nutritional education to be sure that you are getting enough protein, not too many carbohydrates, and maintaining a balanced diet while trying to lose weight as a vegan or vegetarian. I had...