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Will Hackney Council be the UK’s first council to urge the reuse of London’s empty buildings?

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The Mayor of Hackney Council has delivered a statement of support in the emerging lobby that has been established by ReSpace Projects. Potentially, Hackney might be the first council in the UK to adopt a community-minded approach to the reuse of empty buildings in the city. In a ‘city makers’ conference that took place last night (Thursday, November 16th), a declaration of support from Mr. Philip Glanville, the Mayor of Hackney Council, has been revealed, implying a potential transition in the council’s approach to the use of empty buildings in the city. Mr Glanville’s statement has been excitingly announced by the hosting CEO of ReSpace Projects, Mr Gee Sinha, who have developed a model and a lobby calling for a regulation of holistic and innovative regeneration using empty buildings

Prince William launches ‘Stop Speak Support’ campaign to combat cyberbullying

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The Duke of Cambridge has launched a campaign to fight back against cyberbullying. 'Stop, Speak, Support', is the world's first youth-led, online code of conduct. It aims to offer young people with something to turn to if the 'banter goes bad'. 17 year-old Felix Alexander took his life after struggling with the impact of cyberbullying, last year.  Prince William began work on the 'Stop, Speak, Support' campaign after hearing of Felix's death. The focus of the campaign is to encourage social media users to differentiate between online banter and scenarios that would feel them uncomfortable in real life. Charities and celebrities have taken to Twitter to show their support.          
Students demand we abolish university fees and tax the rich

Students demand we abolish university fees and tax the rich

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Thousands of #FreeEdNow students marched through central London yesterday to demand free education for all - paid by taxing the rich. The demonstration follows a decision by Theresa May, to freeze university tuition fees to a maximum of £9,250. Last year, parliament raised fees by an extra £250, ignoring the original cap of £9,000. Why do students want to scrap fees? Graduates in the UK have the highest student debt in the world. Students will graduate with average debts of over 50,800 - according to an IFS report.  This includes students from poor backgrounds who will have loans to support them. Rhiannon Lockley, a university lecturer speaking at the demo says: “I’ve worked as a further education lecturer for 12-years, I’ve been privileged to share the journey of hundreds of ama
American Burgers Showdown : Five Guys vs Shake Shack

American Burgers Showdown : Five Guys vs Shake Shack

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Growing up in Poland, the most popular place to have a burger was McDonald’s. I used to like having dinner there because of the Happy Meal and the small toys included. It made dining fun, unlike eating at home. Now, considering how much I have tried fast food in my life, I have developed my taste buds and have some serious opinions about burgers and fries. So, I think McDonald’s isn't the best burger anymore, and many Millennials I interviewed agree with me. Two American chains, Shake Shack and Five Guys gained popularity because people started to care about eating quality food. While previous generations counted calories, Millennials have found popular more fresh and 'healthy' ingredients instead of processed ones. Five Guys The chain is known for its simple red and white dec