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Nashville’s Golden Girl Is Back

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Hayden Panettiere's return to TV is music to fans ears. Reporter: Chrys Salter | Sub-Editor: Raynor Fry She was the country music blonde bombshell of American Broadcasting Company's smash hit TV show “Nashville” as pop diva Juliette Barns, a gorgeous yet undeniably flawed singing star whose career saw more extremes in a year than most see in a life time. However, fans were left devastated when ABC axed the show after just four seasons, leaving Panettiere’s character ‘Juliette’ with a stack of unanswered problems and unresolved cliff hangers. The season four finale aired after ABC cancelled the show on May 12th. Luckily for fans, and Hayden Panettiere we imagine, the show was picked up by the US based Country Music Channel (CMT) for a fifth season this year, premiering in January 2