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Everyone’s a Storyteller: A guide to some of the best podcasts out there

Words: Joanne Clark | Subbing: Bella Dawe On the average journey around London, whether you’re on a tube, a train or a bus, you’ll see people distracting themselves from their travels. Some may be reading a book or magazine, or the latest issue of the Metro or Evening Standard, depending on the time of day. Others will have their headphones in, either listening to music, an audiobook, or even a podcast. The choice of podcasts is immense. You can listen to someone investigating a murder in Serial; two YouTubers talking about their careers and misadventures in an apartment in LA; or try to conceal your laughter in public listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno. Podcasts aren’t entirely new, but they have become more and more mainstream over the past couple of years. The annual report from Edi

This is how “The Simpsons” supported Puerto Rico

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Words: Sal Fasone | Subbing: Bernadette Galbraith The Simpsons decided to step up Puerto Rico relief efforts in a one minute video where Moe, the bartender helps raise money and trolls Donald Trump, following Hurricane Maria. In the video, character Moe talks about San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz who's recently been involved in Twitter feuds with President Trump after speaking out about the devastating hurricane. Moe, who shed a tear after the news, asks Barney to pay his bar-tab of $25,000 which he decides to donate to Puerto Rico. After The Simpsons posted the video, Cruz responded: "Thank you Moe for understanding how we feel. We have very little power but having @TheSimpsons in our corner fills our hearts with light." https://twi

Scarlett Moffatt experiences ‘boobie’ malfunction on TV

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Report: Tracey Popoola | Subbing: Claudia Jackson Scarlett Moffatt suffered from an embarrassing fashion fail on today's episode of Sunday Brunch. Fans of the Channel Four show Sunday Brunch expressed on social media that it looked like… Well you all know what it looked like. The former Gogglebox star wore a shirt dress that featured a chain design that weaved around small diamond, but viewers spotted that the ‘inappropriate choice of fashion’ resembled a pair of breasts. How awkward! In light of the situation, the 27-year-old reality TV star made jokes about the mishap, and was later pictured with comedian Johnny Vegas, who drew on his own shirt to match hers. Mo

Kevin Spacey fired by Netflix over allegations

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Words: Joanne Clark | Subbing: Bernadette Galbraith Following allegations of sexual assault by several people, Netflix has announced that it will no longer be working with actor Kevin Spacey. Spacey has acted in popular Netflix original series 'House of Cards' ever since its release in 2013. Acting alongside Robin Wright, it tells the story of attaining power in government in Washington DC. When allegations surfaced, it was announced that the sixth season, due to be released in 2018, would be the last. Although it was said that this was decided before news broke of the allegations towards Spacey. It was announced today that Netflix had fired Spacey and had suspended production of House of Cards, as well as further production of the film 'Gore', a Gore Vidal biopic that Spacey was p...