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LA Priest & Connan Mockasin Team Up as Soft Hair

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It’s a dream come true when two of your favourite artists unite to create a magical album together. LA Priest and Connan Mockasin have joined collaborative forces to make Soft Hair happen. Releasing their work in a week, it’s time to prepare for the trippy dance fest that’s going to happen. Reporter: Larry Gliddon  Sub-Editor: Andrew Whiteford The pair met back in 2007, but it’s been a while since both of them have produced anything individually. Sam Dust, previously from the dance-indie band Late of the Pier, made a breakthrough as LA Priest, releasing it  in 2015. Connan Mockasin’s last work was Caramel from three years ago, and Forever Dolphin Love came out in 2010. Mockasin is in Phantasy, alongside Erol Alkan, Daniel Avery and the like. Even though they’re both from different rec

We’re Celebrating Kim’s Birthday (Even If She’s Not)

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Although Kim Kardashian West has disappeared from the online world and cancelled her birthday bash, thousands of people tweeted her today with birthday wishes. Reporter: Marta Szymborska | Sub-Editor: Andrew Whiteford Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ main girl is celebrating her 36th birthday today but we’ve still heard nothing from the star. Hopefully the recent discovery of CCTV images apparently showing the people behind the eight million Paris theft, will help Kim K feel more secure and prepare for her comeback. It didn’t take long for the other members of the Kardashian family to move on and resume their online presence. Kylie Jenner is back, releasing her new KylieCosmetics autumn eye shadow palette, and already getting in trouble with Blac Chyna, who accused her and Tyga of ste

Four Things From ‘Hunted’ You Should Know Before Disappearing

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How long can you be on a run, away from your friends and family? How long can you be unseen by any camera, without devices who can give anyone a single clue about your location? Reporter: Natalia Sokolowska | Sub-Editor: Andrew Whiteford   10 fugitives taking part in the second season of Channel 4’s ‘Hunted’ have to disappear for 4 weeks. But making sure that nobody can spot you is apparently a hard thing to do! So here we are, five weeks after the show started, with only one episode left. What mistakes have been made by the ones who already lost? Going to restaurant and being loud after Hunted HQ is publishing your pictures with a money prize for any tips. Be careful, your behavior can upset a bartender who will make the deciding call just to get rid of you. (Hamish
Lady Gaga – Joanne: Track-by-track Review

Lady Gaga – Joanne: Track-by-track Review

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Since the release of comeback single Perfect Illusion in September, Gaga has wanted to make it clear about what this album is not going to be. It won’t be a traditional pop album. It won’t be for the mainstream. It won’t be Gaga with the façade and avant-garde. If you are listening to Joanne with intentions of finding your new Bad Romance or Paparazzi, then you may have to look elsewhere. Reporter: Andrew Whiteford  | Sub-Editor: Larissa Gliddon ARTPOP, Lady Gaga’s last pop record received mixed reviews from critics for a lack of risk-taking and overproduction. This universal criticism must have resonated somewhere along the line, as Joanne is almost entirely live instrumental and an homage to her childhood idols: Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Sting. The major change in Joanne c