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Lady Gaga – Joanne: Track-by-track Review

Lady Gaga – Joanne: Track-by-track Review

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Since the release of comeback single Perfect Illusion in September, Gaga has wanted to make it clear about what this album is not going to be. It won’t be a traditional pop album. It won’t be for the mainstream. It won’t be Gaga with the façade and avant-garde. If you are listening to Joanne with intentions of finding your new Bad Romance or Paparazzi, then you may have to look elsewhere. Reporter: Andrew Whiteford  | Sub-Editor: Larissa Gliddon ARTPOP, Lady Gaga’s last pop record received mixed reviews from critics for a lack of risk-taking and overproduction. This universal criticism must have resonated somewhere along the line, as Joanne is almost entirely live instrumental and an homage to her childhood idols: Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Sting. The major change in Joanne c

“Only in My Mind”: Norma Jean Martine’s Debuts With Feeling Filled Album

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The 25-year-old takes the music industry by storm with her rock pop debut album. Written by: Martina Di Gregorio - Sub-edited by: Chelsea Jobe Norma Jean Martine. If the name doesn’t tell you anything, you should run on iTunes or Spotify and listen to her debut album “Only in My Mind.” You can thank me later. Her rock-pop album “Only in My Mind” emphasizes her strong, husky vocals. Full of energy, it gives you 40 minutes of intense emotion. The 25-year-old is an American singer-songwriter based in London who has been around for a while but her name may not sound familiar. She co-wrote Ronan Keating’s title track “Time of My Life” and collaborated with Burt Bacharach and Ashley Roberts. Norma Jean Martine is the rising star of Universal Music, which conducted a multi-million-

Kanye West Snubs Jay Z Over Kim Kardashian Robbery Ordeal

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Known for his outspoken rants and unpredictable behaviour, West has stunned music fans by saying there “will never be a Watch the Throne 2”. Reporter: Raynor Fry | Sub-Editor: Chrys Salter Source: Wikimedia The messy business clash between Apple and Jay Z’s company ‘Tidal’ has meant there will no follow-up album to Watch the Throne. West has described the clash as “fucking up the music game.” However, this unexpected revelation goes beyond music and the studio booth, as comments made by the rapper and fashion designer at his recent Saint Pablo tour concert in Seattle, clearly pinpoint a tension between the pair. Also going further to bring up his disappointment over Jay’s lack of concern following wife Kim’s armed robbery in Paris earlier this month. West called out Jay Z and s

Nashville’s Golden Girl Is Back

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Hayden Panettiere's return to TV is music to fans ears. Reporter: Chrys Salter | Sub-Editor: Raynor Fry She was the country music blonde bombshell of American Broadcasting Company's smash hit TV show “Nashville” as pop diva Juliette Barns, a gorgeous yet undeniably flawed singing star whose career saw more extremes in a year than most see in a life time. However, fans were left devastated when ABC axed the show after just four seasons, leaving Panettiere’s character ‘Juliette’ with a stack of unanswered problems and unresolved cliff hangers. The season four finale aired after ABC cancelled the show on May 12th. Luckily for fans, and Hayden Panettiere we imagine, the show was picked up by the US based Country Music Channel (CMT) for a fifth season this year, premiering in January 2