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I’d have all the ART in the world, if I was a wealthy girl..

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With the world going through a non-indifferent economic crisis (first with Brexit, then Trump and now the Italian referendum) it is no surprise that many stocks have gone down. The art auction business however, seems to tell a different story... Reporter: Cecilia Peruzzi | Sub-editor: Chloe Chapman Just a month ago Sotheby's, London's most renowned auction house, made the news for setting a new record at the David Bowie collection auction. The Bowie estate spent months on end collaborating with the auction house to put together a collection of over 350 works, ranging from 16th century Venetian altar pieces to contemporary ceramics and design products. The auction was divided in three parts with the first one, taking place on the evening of November 10th, having 47 pieces go under the ...
Voice of London Radio | Episode 1

Voice of London Radio | Episode 1

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Culture.  The term is generalised and can be applied in various contexts, but what does it mean to the youth of London? We regard it as the ideas, customs, and social aspects of our society. While others may disagree, our radio team breaks the barriers, providing you with your weekly dose of news and culture; by millennials, for millennials. This pilot podcast debates everything from online dating, to Black Friday, news, and sports. Stay tuned for next week's episode.   Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and on Snapchat- username voiceoflondon