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Discovering the sound of Christmas

Discovering the sound of Christmas

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Christmas is a time of joy, with magic lights hanging all over the city and people giving gifts to each other. But trust us, none of this would make any sense without a good soundtrack. From Bing Crosby's White Christmas, a classic of the season, to Sia's newest holiday album, Everyday is Christmas, we went out in the cold to explore the sound of Christmas. Obviously, we did not chase every Christmas song that was ever made - that would take us at least until 2021, and even then the list would be incomplete. RT if you’re excited for #Christmas pic.twitter.com/0cWoBrauJs — HARRY STYLES (@TheClubOfStyles) December 12, 2017 What we did was to understand what makes all these Christmas songs so distinctive, unique and recognisable. We talked a little bit about this in our podcast, but Dan

A choir will warm you up ’tis season at Leicester Square

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Busking away every Saturday morning on the Leicester Square is the band of Jesus’s very own army from the God’s Vision Church at the heart of central London. Their singing may not the most polished of sounds, as most of them are seeing the lyrics for the first time, but that is exactly their purpose: to simply sing out their passion for the love of Christ and spread its joy. Led by Pastor Young-joo Lee, the team of singing evangelists sacrifice their morning snoozes and Saturday brunches to inform, sing aloud and pray for the city of London. As choir sings the contemporary Christian tunes to the acoustic guitar, a glance at the individual faces tells you that while they would never find themselves on stage for anything, being together in faith with the rest of their Christian community
Have yourself a very merry ‘cheap’ Christmas

Have yourself a very merry ‘cheap’ Christmas

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The Christmas season is here and we are all short on money, so the Voice of London Lifestyle came up with a few festive ideas that you can do at home with friends without having to reach your pockets. Making mulled wine What is Christmas without a mulled wine? If you can’t afford to visit the Christmas markets, don’t worry- you can do it at home and it will be a fun day with friends, even if you succeed or fail. You can get recipes from the Internet and even get £5 bags from a fancy shop like Fortnum & Mason’s to put in your mulled wine recipe. Baking Christmas Cookies Nothing shouts Christmas louder than freshly baked Christmas cookies. The Internet is filled with recipes for everyone who can or cannot bake. Put on some Christmas music on and get your dough rea