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Top five horror books to read this Halloween

Top five horror books to read this Halloween

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Ready to face the scariest time of the year? Then snuggle up in a warm blanket, get your cup of tea and buy yourself a night lamp.We’ve conjured up 5 of the eeriest reads this October to make your Halloween spookier than any other and impossible for you to sleep with the lights off. Enjoy and stay spooky…   Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King & Owen King What better time to read a Stephen King novel than now? With 'IT' hitting your screens just last months, we've decided to recommend you a brand new King newest release. Without giving any spoilers, their novel follows a married couple, Clint and Lila Norcross, living in a tiny, poor Appalachian town in West Virginia. Clint is a psychiatrist at the local women’s prison and Lila is the town sheriff. Sudden outbreak occurs, whe

Talentless Talent

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Words: Demi Bailey-Paul| Subbing: Stella Akinwumi Is personality the new talent? No, this is not a title of a new reality television show. This is in fact the stark reality of today’s entertainment industry. With the rise of social media having an ever-growing presence on our daily lives and reality television birthing ‘celebs’ practically every day, seems as if we are in a generational era whereby regular people on television with the skill to charm the nation can become stars overnight. They seem to be skipping the blood, sweat and tears stage that a traditional artist would have to go through, instead, the fame is handed to them on a plate, along with a handy clothing line campaign as the cherry on the cake. Have you noticed a trend going on lately? Novelty acts are getting sig

Sounds of the Underground

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There are always lots of musicians playing music in the many stations for the London Underground. Every musician has their own story. They insist on their dream, even though they may suffer from many of life's pressures. This video shows the different types of music from talented London Underground artists, and their spirit of music and life.  

I’d have all the ART in the world, if I was a wealthy girl..

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With the world going through a non-indifferent economic crisis (first with Brexit, then Trump and now the Italian referendum) it is no surprise that many stocks have gone down. The art auction business however, seems to tell a different story... Reporter: Cecilia Peruzzi | Sub-editor: Chloe Chapman Just a month ago Sotheby's, London's most renowned auction house, made the news for setting a new record at the David Bowie collection auction. The Bowie estate spent months on end collaborating with the auction house to put together a collection of over 350 works, ranging from 16th century Venetian altar pieces to contemporary ceramics and design products. The auction was divided in three parts with the first one, taking place on the evening of November 10th, having 47 pieces go under the ...