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Capturing the Wild: NHM’s Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

A magnet for all nature lovers and photography enthusiasts; The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is back at the Natural History Museum.

Words: Julia Tsilman
Subbed: Desta Wondirad

Natural History Museum by Mark Bowler | Flickr
Natural History Museum by Mark Bowler | Flickr

London hosts photography events of all themes and proportions, yet nothing comes close to the majesty of the NHM’s annual exhibition. Wildlife Photographer of the Year is an example of pure excellence: it unites dozens of amazing high quality photographs with insightful storytelling, creating a most pleasurable viewing experience.

Visitors walk in the darkness, surrounded by illuminated photos – all bright, crisp and tranquil – and are able to award photos their full attention. There are dozens of images from sharks swimming in South African waters, the fight of two Komodo dragons in Indonesia, to the most magnificent Icelandic northern lights. Some of them are shocking, others heart-warming and humorous, but all make your mind wander to the wildest corners of our planet.

We Londoners get so emerged in our stressful routines, we forget how limited our reality is and the pieces force us to question our immediate surroundings. Wildlife Photographer of the Year allows us to escape our busy lives with a wild, unknown and fascinating tour. A session in mindfulness and a Biology class in one, it is a definite must-see.

This year’s winner is “A Tale of Two Foxes” shot by Canadian photographer Don Gutoski. The breath-taking image simultaneously disturbs and hypnotises you with a symmetrical image of the faces of two foxes – one alive and one dead. With images like that, first glance is always deceitful: time is needed to appreciate them and see the story slowly unfold before your eyes.

See “A Tale of Two Foxes” and other winners of 2015/16 in the Natural History Museum before 10th of April 2016, between 10am and 17.50pm (it’s open until 10pm during Lates events which take place in the NHM every last Friday of the month). Adult admission is £13.50 and concessions are £6.75.