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Canadian YouTuber FlippyCat Challenges The Art Of Dominoes

Are you into cats? Are you into dominoes? (Not the Pizza) Well. Canadian YouTube artist FlippyCat, also described as ‘Domino builder,’ places dominoes into specific compositions to create a macro illusion of well-known paintings, memes, or…cats.

Words: Asma Qureshi, Subeditor: Bea Renshaw

Flippy Cat-Starry Night. Source: YouTube

He named himself “Flippy” after his cat passed. Which explains why his YouTube channel starts off with many videos, of his cat doing weird things. Something like this:

The editing of the videos reveal the speed, interaction, angles and movement in his artwork which places his art into a different dimension. He combines sculpture along with pixel art, which is commonly found in photography and painting.

FlippyCat’s take on Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa,’ is by far the best example of his pixel visionary:

Another great example, is his version of ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh. Where every brush stroke is cleverly imitated by specific shades of the coloured domino. Although, here he begins to build layers, making it even more complicated than it already seems. This way, when the dominoes fall, the taller layers create a relief from the background; breathing life into the illusive art piece.

Alternatively, FlippyCat also brings humour into his artwork as well, not just from meme’s and his cat, but by imitating characters like Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball. Here, the artist builds a wall to create her face, then later uses a boulder to smash the wall down again.

As the YouTube videos progress, so does the art behind these captivating structures which are then destroyed; each colour domino acts as a pixel to form the entire image he is trying to create. You witness the dominoes falling, again and again, yet he continues to reconstruct every part and complete the artwork.

The destruction of the artwork afterwards makes you wonder, “why?” But, this makes us realise the art only exists in the video. So it raises the question whether the art is the video or the temporary sculptor? Regardless, FlippyCat has been recognised by many, and has appeared on The Ellen Show – where his cat knocks a domino piece and as all the pieces fall, they reveal a portrait of Ellen herself.