Monday, July 23The Voice of London

Brits Stranded In Sharm El-Sheikh: Updates

Chaos as holidaymakers continue to struggle for a flight back home in wake of Russian plane crash.
Words: Eireann Beardon, Subeditor: Tessa Ross

2:21pm planes could be being refused to enter airspace

2:15pm The Telegraph reporter says more flights leave Sharm for London

1:37pm live update from EasyJet

12:33pm only eight out of the 29 planned flights to U.K. set to leave

The fact passengers are only allowed to take hand luggage has allegedly resulted in the limited flights. Sharm El-Sheikh airport can not accommodate for the 120 tonnes of checkin luggage that will have to be left behind.

12:12pm two flights are on their way to London

With a combined total of 359 passengers onboard

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11:49am passengers heckle British Ambassador


11:14am first flight has left for the UK