BritBox & chill? UK’s answer to Netflix

Public Service Broadcasters (PSB) have confirmed the release of ‘BritBox’, an on-demand streaming service including BBC, ITV and now Channel 4.

Over a third of all UK households now contain Netflix or Amazon Prime. With younger people watching less scheduled TV every year according to Ofcom, British PSB are struggling to remain competitive.

Britbox launched today as the UK’s answer to the increasing American dominance of the market; with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV all providing on-demand services.

Viewers will now be able to watch content from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, anywhere and at any time, with more programming expected to be added in 2020.

The Channel 4 chief executive, Alex Mahon responded to Channel 4’s confirmed inclusion in Britbox:

“The opportunity to collaborate as PSBs on BritBox extends our track record of partnership and will ensure there is a compelling single destination for the very best high-quality, home-grown content.”

Viewers can start watching British dramas, comedies, film and documentaries right away, with an initial 30-day free trial. After the trial, BritBox will cost £5.99



Words Ferris Shaw | Subbing: Niamh Hutchings

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