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Bring Me The Horizon Tells A Twisted Tale For “True Friends”

Bring Me the Horizon brings a captivating angle in the music video for “True Friends” from their album That’s the Spirit.

Words: Karolina Zilenaite, Subeditor: Simone Wright


Bing Me the Horizon "True Friends" music video Source: BMTHOffcialVEVO
Bing Me the Horizon “True Friends” music video Source: BMTHOffcialVEVO



Bring Me the Horizon had already surprised us with a complete 180 degree turn of their sound, when they released their fifth studio album That’s the Spirit in early September.

The band premiered their third music video for “True Friends” from their chart-topping album, following previous singles “Drown” and “Throne”, giving us an insight of the new direction that they are heading towards.

It’s a stripped down version of their usual sound of screamo and heavy breakdowns, bringing their style to alternative rock, though they still manage to keep their dark theme going, both lyrically and visually.

This time around, the band presents a narrative of abuse, mystery and murder through a short seven-minute film, rather than keeping to a standard music video length.

Set in a remote town, the story focuses on a detective haunted by his past. Difficulties with family, threats and confrontations circle around the detective throughout the video, until he meets his fate.

It’s visually intense, with shots of beheaded horses, writings on the walls and domestic abuse. The lyrics and visuals go hand-in-hand effectively. Not only were the lyrics actually incorporated as messages written on the walls, (“I’m afraid you asked for this”, “How dare you” and “Karma has no deadline”), the storyline itself helps to enrich the idea behind the video.

It’s clear that this murder mystery has provided fans with an interesting angle and has made it work well.