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BREAKING: MPs Vote In Favour Of Syrian Airstrikes

MPs have voted by 397 to 223 to authorise air strikes in Syria, against the Islamic State group ISIS.
Words: Daisy Greenaway

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MPs gather to hear the result

A 10-hour debate took place in commons today in which both sides made clear arguments and it became no one would be taking this issue lightly.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, claimed the decision to attack the “medieval monsters” of IS would “keep our country safe”.

Opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, argued the case for war “does not stack up” – however his own party was split over the issue with senior Labour figures voting with the government.

It is believed 67 Labour MPs, including a number of members of the shadow cabinet, voted for the airstrikes after Corbyn agreed to give them a free vote.

The speech of the night went to Hilary Benn, Shadow Foreign Secretary, son of the infamous Tony Benn. Benn was applauded by MPs from both benches as he urged Labour to “confront this evil” posed by ISIS, who he said “held our democracy in contempt”.

He continued by saying the international community was “faced by fascists and what we know about fascists is that they must be defeated”.

Former leader Ed Miliband was among Labour MPs to vote against whilst once acting-leader Harriet Harman voted for.

The Scottish National Party, which strongly opposed any military action, said it was disappointed and it feared the outcome would lead “to Iraq and Libya all over again”.

A full list of the MPs and which way they voted has now been published.

Bombing raids will begin “as soon as practical”.

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