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BREAKING: London Fashion Week has a new home

Written by: Grace Brown. Sub edited by: Jessica Penfoldimage(Image from

London Fashion Week’s home has changed. The British Fashion Council has announced that London Fashion Week and London Collections Mens will now be hosted at The Store Studios, WC2.

The event held at Brewer Street Car Park for the last two seasons, and previously at Somerset House, will fulfil The BFC’s “ambition of creating a cultural hub in the heart of London.”


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The new home for London fashion shows located at 180 The Strand, has hosted exhibitions from the Louis Vuitton Series 3 as well as a catwalk shows from a range of other designers.

The move allows Fashion Week, exclusively for those invited, and London Fashion Weekend, for those that pay, to be hosted in the same location “giving everyone the same Fashion Week experience.” It’s also been announced the London Fashion Weekend is to be rebranded as London Fashion Festival with recreations from the weeks runway shows, pop up shops and talks so those attending on the weekend don’t feel excluded from the main event.