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Brand Review: Peaches And Cream

Peaches and Cream are an emerging cosmetic company based in Liverpool. It was created by salon owners and make-up artists Kate and Nicola. Their vision was to produce high quality make-up items that are suited to the ‘everyday’ girl’s pocket.

Words: Lauren Banton, Subeditor: Tsakane Chabane

Peaches and cream
Source: Teh Yusof

The young make-up brand currently has a range of false eyelashes, pigments and brushes. Their latest addition is a range of compacts that are designed to give the perfect base. It consists of a setting powder, a sculpting powder, matt bronzer, a contour cream and a highlighter that is ideal for strobing.


Contouring is one of the biggest make-up trends of the past few years. Although it has been a popular make-up trick amongst Drag Queens for decades, many people have only been made aware of it by Kim Kardashian posting pictures of her face in various stages of make-up application. Our cheek bones need a little help from time-to-time and that’s where Peaches and Cream comes in. Not only do they have a cream contour, they also have a matte bronzing powder which can be used on top to add emphasise.


Pigments are a step up from your general eyeshadow. Best suited for a night out or everyday wear in the festive season- if you want to get into the Christmas spirit! Instead of having your shimmery eyeshadow fade away throughout the day, use a pigment. They provide an intense colour and are long lasting throughout the day or night. Peaches and Cream pride themselves on their sparkly pigments (Wow and Secret are personal favourites of mine).

False Lashes

Lashes are the perfect facial accessory. They can either complete an eye look by adding drama, or you can choose to go down the more natural route and add a touch of subtle glam. Peaches and Cream have every style of lashes you can think of, offering something for everyone.

Overall, Peaches and Cream offers an extensive range of basic products, one thing that stands out is their line has items that compliment every skin tone. For a small company they are making a big impact with over 160,000 followers on their social media accounts. They’re definitely a brand to look out for!