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Blues Kitchen: Restaurant Review

As we get deeper into winter, the runny noses and tickly coughs decide to pay a visit. Then the cold sets in and daylight seems like a mythical legend. At times like these, there’s nothing quite like a hearty dinner full of stodgy comfort food. The Blues Kitchen offers just that and more.

Words: Toni Hart, Subeditor: Lyubomira Ivanova, Photo Source: Toni Hart 

Over the last few decades American food has been slowly creeping further onto our dinner plates. At first it was the humble burger, and more recently us Brits have been graced with the pleasures of pulled pork and beef brisket. If you have also enjoyed this welcomed invasion of American foods, then you might want to try The Blues Kitchen.

With three restaurants based in Camden, Shoreditch and Brixton, this New Orleans themed restaurant has a little something for everyone. Each restaurant has two live bands performing every night, ranging from jazz to blues to brass bands.

Each month they offer a ‘burger of the month’, and as Christmas approaches it is inevitable that the burger of the month for December will be a turkey based favourite. ‘The Three Kings’ is a buttermilk fried turkey burger, with a sausage, apricot and chestnut stuffing, spiced cranberry sauce, gravy soaked cornbread, Brussels sprouts and sweet-cure bacon. Yum.

The restaurant offers various themed nights through the week, including rib night on Monday’s where you can enjoy a combination of three pork and beef ribs, all for £10. Thursday’s you can expect to experience The Blues Kitchen jazz night, where you can have unlimited gumbo and a ‘hurricane’ cocktail for £16.

Ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket with a side of chips

The Blues Kitchen ribs are brought out on the bone, but this is only for presentation because as soon as that bone is lifted the meat falls away. You will be left with a juicy little mound of succulent meat that actually melts in the mouth. ‘Melts in the mouth’ is a cliché that is thrown around too often without really meaning it, but these ribs definitely do just that.

If you are not a fan of red meat then do not despair! The Blues Kitchen has plenty of other options, including a traditional catfish jambalaya and a ‘superfood salad’. If you are a vegetarian then it may not be the best place to visit, as the vegetarian selection is very limited, though their salads are exceptional.

catfish jambalaya: a pan fried catfish fillet with prawns, rice, peas and a Cajun spiced crayfish sauce
catfish jambalaya: a pan fried catfish fillet with prawns, rice, peas and a Cajun spiced crayfish sauce

If you do not pre-book a table at The Blues Kitchen, particularly the Shoreditch restaurant, you are likely to be left waiting at the bar until 10pm before you can sit down to eat. And considering the kitchen closes at 11pm, you aren’t likely to make the most of the Blues experience.

So make sure you get in early and book a table. The Shoreditch restaurant is now fully booked until January but the Camden and Brixton venues are taking bookings. You can book a table through their website here. But be warned: after visiting The Blues Kitchen, you will be looking up holidays to New Orleans for Mardi Gras weekend.