Blue Planet II leaves viewers in guilt

Photo by: Fatima Nasir

Photo by: Fatima Nasir

Words: Fatima Nasir | Subbing:

BBC One’s master piece based on the Earth’s oceans aired its finale last night leaving viewers mesmerised by the beauty of the blue planet and feeling absolutely remorseful.

The finale came with a warning and a deep-set realization for most.

Enthusiast audience for the show were quick to take to twitter their increased concerns about the world’s oceans as a result of David’s revelations. One user expressed, ‘This man is a hero. Our hearts are breaking’.

Another Twitter user exclaimed the documentary to be ‘heart-breaking’.

Narrated by David Attenborough the expletory documentary series explores the depth of the seas, the fascinating creatures residing in the blue waters and discusses in detail marine conservation, pollution and climate change.

The series finale urged the mankind to step back take a look and take action. The message contained has started a global realisation for the viewer and started a much needed conversation among the citizens of this world and highlighted an ongoing debate about the conservation of the planet.

If David Attenborough and marine experts can get an impactive number of people talking not only posting on their twitter feed but actually going out there and act in the best interest of the planet and the beautiful blue seas we might have a chance. It’s indeed a warning the humans of the BluePlanet cannot ignore.

The documentary series not only educated viewers but if receives the anticipated response from viewers could initiate a global movement which involves official governments and authorities, introducing additional laws to aid marine conservation.


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