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Bleak Friday: Shoppers Aren’t Excited for Sales

We all hear stories or see videos AND pictures of Black Friday craziness where there are brawls between customers, staff exhausted, and shops overrun with customers. I had first eyewitness to see Black Friday 2015, and I can say it was not what I expected.

Words: Jason John, Subeditor:

Celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday was a term coined in the 1960’s where black-ink bookkeepers kept record of their increasing profit caused by the surge of tourist coming into their cities and buying their products, keeping their businesses out of the red. It has been recently introduced to the UK’s culture in 2013 in the aim to help the country’s market value.

Stores such as Argos, Sainsbury’s, Currys|PC World, and Game will have discounts from 20%-50% off, other retailers will even continue to have sales on this weekend.

You’ve probably been receiving countless emailS coming up to this day as retailers persuade you to charge into the store, willing to push and shove anyone out of the way just so you can get the best deals. Well I can say that today I saw none of that.

Wembley  last year where news stories of fights  in and out of stores, and US owned supermarket chain ASDA was overrun with customers leaving some trampled on the ground and police being called to handle situations, you would dread to think what can happen on 2015. But what I saw was nothing. only small number of people were out shopping on Black Friday, most people didn’t looked bothered or happy about the discounts either. Even the Sainsbury’s near to where I live was empty and no one was even hastily pulling out televisions on sale like the shoppers did last year.


It was really disappointing (the sales not the fights). I hoped to find more deals in store than in online, I spent £30 on several games on Steam online. None of the sales area really worth the buy unless you desperately needed these products. I had a chance to interview several customers and ask them what they thought of the Black Friday’s discounts.