Black History Month events in London



What is Black History Month?

BHM gives recognition and celebration to the work and achievements that people of African descent have contributed to society in science, art, music, policy, and much more over many generations — as well as sharing their cultures.

Initially, Negro History Week was started in 1926 by US Historian, Carter G. Woodson. BHM is more than just a time to celebrate and be entertained, it is a time to be educated and informed about the contribution and cultures of black people.

How is Black History Month celebrated?

Usually, the events are organised and people can meet and celebrate.

Many people take the time to do research into their backgrounds or find out more about black people who have made a difference to the UK.

 This year it is much more challenging as the COVID-19 makes the regroupings much more complicated. Some events are already fully booked for example the exhibition BLACK HISTORY MONTH – HONOUR, REMEMBER, INSPIRE featuring black artists at Zari Gallery from the 1st to 30th October 2020.

Many people are disappointed as they won’t be able to attend. Some events are taking place online to avoid this kind of disappointment.

Join Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi to discuss her new novel The First Woman

This year has seen demonstrations in Britain and around the world in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man who died while being stopped by police in America.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it’s important to celebrate the influence black people have had in developing Britain’s history:

“For countless generations people of African and Caribbean descent have been shaping our nation’s story, making a huge difference to our national and cultural life and helping to make Britain a better place to be.

“It is this contribution of black British people that I am proud to be celebrating Black History Month this October,” he said.

To see the list of events happening in London and to find more information, please click here.


Words: Jessica Sanches Semedo

Subbing: Davionne Sweeney-Mcintosh


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