Black Friday sales “go up 12.5 per cent” from last year

Image: Jacek Dylag

Initial data from Barclaycard on Friday showed payment transactions in Britain were up 12.5 per cent from the previous year.

According to a Reuters’ report, one in three of all debit and credit card transactions in the UK are made with Barclaycard.

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Analysts predicted a £2.5 billion spending spree, with most of that to be spent online.

However, most shoppers have been racing to their keyboards instead of the High Street.

One shopper at Tesco Accrington showed up at 3:50 am to realise he was the only person waiting for the store to open.

David Pollitt, a groundsman for Blackburn Rovers FC wrote on Twitter: “3:50am at tesco Accrington and I’m the only 1 here waiting for it to open at 5am. Things you do for a good deal for the kids Christmas presents.”

The groundsman left with a shopping bag that contained an Xbox with three games and ‘fortnite stuff’ worth £109.

In the UK Amazon warehouse workers are staging walkouts citing: “Amazon workers were breaking bones, being knocked unconscious and taken away in ambulances due to unsafe conditions.”

Words: Michelle Del Rey | Featured Image: Jacek Dylag 

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