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Best of: Beauty Club Cards

Everybody is happy when a purchase is done- the customer, the sales assistant and the manager. Some of the big beauty stores offer you a club card in order to show you their gratitude for your purchase and encourage you to keep at it.

Words: Mariya Hristova Editor: Tamara Hutchinson

We present you the best of the beauty club cards and the perks you get from them:


Beauty club card (Debenhams)

Debenhams has recently changed the style of their card which does not mean you can’t use the old one as it is still valid. They give you 3 points for each pound you spend and you have to collect a hundred points in order to get one pound in return. They offer you free makeovers and skincare consultations as well as free delivery on all orders done online. You also can get free gifts and samples delivered to your door. By using their card, it shows how much of a loyal costumer you are.

2.John Lewis

John Lewis (John Lewis)

In comparison to the Debenhams card, this one is not as impressive but it does have a lot of perks. The membership card offers you a free hot drink and cake from the in-store coffee shop more than 3 times a year as well as getting invitations to exclusive shopping events up to 3 a year. They don’t offer collection of points, but instead John Lewis offers a chance for you to win in a monthly draw if you spend at least one pound during the previous month. The last prize was a rowing machine which is an expensive gift to receive for only one pound being spent.


Boots advantage card (Boots)

The most generous club card of all would probably be the one that Boots has to offer. You get 4 points for each pound you spend and, just like with Debenhams, 100 points is equal to one pound. At first, you get a temporary paper card until the actual one arrives to your door with a complimentary 500 points voucher.Once in a while Boots sends you different coupons with a variety of special discounts just for club card holders. You also can get a free magazine with health and beauty tips.

  1. Superdrug
Superdrug Health and BeautyCard (

While we are talking about Boots… Let’s mention Superdrug as well- the two all-time competitors. Get your Health and Beautycard from your local shop and earn points. You get a point with each pound you spend and 100 points equals £1 which is not all that “seductive” opposite to our expectation. However, you do get exclusive member prices occasionally and you also receive birthday treats. A perk they offer is free standard delivery on your online orders if you are a cardholder.

  1. The Body Shop
The Body Shop Loyalty Card (

Get a loyalty card if you’d like but in fact you only need to make an account online in order to become a member. We recommend it as The Body Shop is quite generous. You get 10 points with each pound spent and 100 points are £1 just like almost every club card. They send you a £5 voucher for your birthday as a present. Also, you can get exclusive invitations to events for members only and previews of all new collections. If you are feeling generous and if you simply love charity, you can donate your vouchers to one of The Body Shop’s charity partners.

  1. House Of Fraser
House Of Fraser Recognition Reward Card (

Their Recognition Reward card works like most- each pound spent equals 1 point and hundred points is £1. However, they have two types of cards- Recognition reward card and Recognition Account card. The latter gives you the opportunity to earn triple- 3 points for £1 spent in store or online from all departments. There is no point of having a normal reward card as it has nothing special to offer. However, you need to have lived and worked for at least 3 years in order to register and receive a Recognition Account card.

All club cards are different and competing against each other because getting discounts and free gifts does attract customers. Each card has its own benefits. However, it is the Boots one that appeals to most people because it is much more accessible and frequently used. People would go for anything to the local Boots because it is convenient and cheaper than all other stores.