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Best eggs in London – worst choice for dinner

Eggbreak is a tiny restaurant in Notting Hill. Just five minutes away from Notting Hill Gate Station, it is most recently known as the best place for having your breakfast eggs in London. However, it was Sunday after the Halloween Saturday, so we ended up at Eggbreak at around six o’clock in the evening. Almost dark, we enjoyed a relatively different atmosphere.

Reporter: Ivelina Nikolova | Subeditor: Visnja Marjanovic

Photo: Ivelina Nikolova
Photo: Ivelina Nikolova

Entering the homelike dinning place, we were enchanted by the cosy fall mood, especially with James Blunt in the air. Tea pots, newspapers, cushions and costumers in wool jumpers were all around the square tables for four. “I am starving! Let’s sit already!”

Eggbreak is considered as the best restaurant in London serving specifically eggs dishes. The menu suggests a variety of house specialties including vegan and non-egg plates. Because we didn’t, you can try the classic salmon scrambled eggs, or the more alternative Mexican omelette with chilli, avocado, queso fresco and coriander, which is potentially house’s best seller.

We went for “Corn Cakes” and “Cornbread Waffles”. Yes, when you love corn and pastry, why not having them together? Restaurant’s selection of tea was also exciting. There were various combinations of organic herbs and flowers to warm your soul with. Frankly, we were having a wonderful time at Eggbreak. Our nicely presented plates just arrived. We were impressed, until the first bite.

Photo: Ivelina Nikolova


The “Corn Cakes” I loved, before realising I was crunching mainly spinach with sriracha hollandaise sauce. Surprisingly, the “corn cakes” and the poached eggs ended up being secondary characters in this culinary performance. However, essentially the eggs were properly cooked and had a nice smooth flavour.

The “Cornbread Waffles” was mismanaged. The waffles were cold and dry, the bacon was not crispy, in fact it was almost raw. In these circumstances the combination was a disaster. It was such a shame giving thought to how many people enjoyed its real taste in the morning when it is obviously the right time to come for a meal.


Corn Cakes, Photo: Ivelina Nikolova
Cornbread Waffles, Photo: Ivelina Nikolova


Prior to my dessert our dinner was not over. I was kindly advised to pick the chocolate pot – salted milk chocolate with miso crumble. Unlike our mains, it was heaven. The small glass of mousse brought a smile to my face. I was literally hearing Gordon Ramsay proud voice: “It is absolutely stunning!” I smelled potential.


Chocolate pot, Photo: Ivelina Nikolova


Next morning I went to Eggbreak again. Fine, it is undeniably the ultimate breakfast place. My course was a delight to every taste bud in my body this time. Omelette was flawless. Waffles were just taken out of the pan, tea — flavourful as always. I didn’t even upload a picture on Instagram.

Eggbreak made its point clearly: In eggs and life timing is crucial.