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Beliebers Split as Justin Asks Them to “STAY QUIET”

Justin Bieber vented his anger last night at a Manchester gig, telling his fans to “stay quiet” before storming off in a strop.

Reporter: Hannah Grafton | Sub-Editor: Frances Cullen

Last night at the Manchester Arena stop of his Purpose tour, Bieber expressed his dislike and frustration at his fans constant screaming, something which you would assume he would be used to after becoming a teen heart-throb at 15 years old.

He asked the packed stadium: “Try and stay as quiet as possible….You can scream as much as you want afterwards but while I’m singing try and stay quiet.” He then went on to add sarcastically “I just thought I could have a moment to say something. I can cut the bullshit if you want. I’m trying to engage but if you guys don’t want to I’ll play the music.” He then stormed off towards the back of the stage, despite desperate pleas from the audience that they would listen to him.

He has also asked fans to stop asking for pictures as he feels like a “zoo animal” and has stopped doing meet-and-greets. This comes after a video surfaced in July of him outright refusing to talk to a fan in public, causing her to look visibly awkward and upset.

Fans have now taken to social media to either defend his actions on this current tour, or to question his seemingly strange behavior. There is a clear divide between those loyal fans who believe he should be granted silence when he wants to speak and those who think his fans deserve more respect.



Since the release of his album Purpose last year, Justin has seen a huge increase in his fan base, as well as attracting more male fans and an older audience than the original crowds of adolescent girls flocking to see him. Whilst this is a huge step forward for him, original fans now feel cheated, particularly if new fans got tickets to his latest tour.


So, is it right for Justin to expect silence at a packed gig? Realistically, no. Many fans have paid upwards of £100 for tickets to see him do his job, which is to entertain the crowd. Fans have now been left upset at the thought of angering Justin, and essentially not enjoying what they spent their money on.

Fans have picked up on this and have started to show signs of disillusionment with him, and a realization that he may not care about his fans as much as he has claimed to in the past.


Achieving fame at a young age is often bad news and although his bad boy stage feels long gone (but we can never forget THAT mug shot), his ego reminds us that hero-worshipping cannot be healthy.

The tour continues in Manchester tonight, Sheffield on the 26th October and Glasgow on the 27th October.