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Being A Young Filmmaker And Tackling A Controversial Subject

Kiosa Sukami, an undergraduate film student from Arts University Bournemouth, is currently developing his independent short film, Longfield Drive.  The film explores the controversial matter of police brutality against African-American men.

Words: Jason John, Subeditor: Lauren Burgess

Photo taken by Kiosa Sukami
Photo taken by Kiosa Sukami. Source: Facebook

This has been a delicate subject that has many people giving their opinion on police officers behavior towards African-Americans. Many people have taken it upon themselves to start protests across the United States, some to support the black community in response to last year’s shooting of Michael Brown, while some are ‘Anti-Police’ marches to make a stand and stop police brutality, especially on African-Americans who have yet to be proved guilty.

As it is a delicate subject to approach in the media, not many people have made content that spreads their message and opinion about it. However, Kiosa Sukami took it upon himself to make a short film about the subject for his graduation project. I had the opportunity to interview Kiosa and ask him a few question on his film and his opinion on police abusing African-Americans.

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