Honouring all-inclusive fashion and beauty

The fashion and beauty industries have always had the power to shape society’s perceptions. They are trendsetters, not only for clothes and makeup but also for body image and appearance as a whole.

Although these industries are known and heavily criticized for their negative impact, recently things have changed. Stereotypes have been broken. Boundaries have been pushed. And even if there is a long way to go until full diversity is achieved, a positive change like this surely deserves appreciation.

Beauti4all is a project, run by Journalism students from the University of Westminster, which has the mission to honour the improvements within the fashion & beauty industries, engage with public reaction, and, of course, inspire our readers in the process. We have prepared a number of interesting and engaging posts, divided into six different sections. From size and skin colour, to gender and religion, we have covered all kinds of diversity within the industries. 

The website will go live for a week, starting from December 1st. Meanwhile, you can follow us for even more great content on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

We want to make people feel included and hope that the audience will enjoy reading our content, as much as we enjoy producing it.

The world is full of beauty, which could not be put into norms.

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