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BBC Good Food Show: The Foodie Heaven Comes to London

One of the capital’s biggest food events, BBC Good Food show returned for another winter and this time there are more than one exciting features. Free food samples, latest kitchen technology and some of the biggest celebrity chefs swayed London’s Olympia.

Words: Lyubomira Ivanova, Subeditor: Toni Hart

Dear reader,

Think about your favourite food. Now imagine you are in heaven, where all the food you love and all the drinks you admire are placed right there in front of you. And guess what? You can taste them all for free.

The BBC Good Food Show launched in 1990 as a joint venture between BBC Magazines and Haymarket Exhibitions and the main aim was to capitalise on the important pre-Christmas market.

And while 25 years ago, there was a huge demand for an event dedicated to food and drinks, it is fair to say that today we have plenty of them. So what then made this event so special?

From producers, restaurateurs and wine merchants to farmers, bakers and celebrity chefs, it was a huge food exhibition, which to be completely honest, had something to offer for all tastes and types.

With two floors dedicated to the show, it showcased a number of exciting features. Luisa, who was visiting the show, said were “amazing, as soon as you walk in, it is overwhelming”.

The event is an adventurous heaven, where all foodie lovers can indulge their cravings and get inspired with some amazing recipes for Christmas.

Talking about recipes, the Winter Kitchen and Supertheatre shows were the ones, which attracted most attention. Despite there was a different show every half an hour, which exhibited the skills of different chefs, the crowd seemed to get bigger and bigger.

And while the Winter Kitchen had a free entry and everyone could just go and grab a seat, the Supertheatre needed pre-booked tickets. Meaning that some people would have to be left disappointed.

Luckily enough, we got a chance to sneak behind the curtains for half an hour. Celebrity chefs, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, were cooking live on the stage.

While Mary demonstrated her skills with her special chicken with lemon crème fraiche and asparagus, the son of a baker, Paul offered a very simple desert recipe.

Watching them working side-by-side was definitely something not to miss. The teamwork was on point, and yet there was always that kind of competiveness flowing in the air. The tension between them increased even more, when two of the visitors were invited on the stage to taste the food and vote for “the best meal”.  They were joking and laughing together, and crowd was more than pleased.

It was a great show. And yet if we have to pick the best bit of the whole event, it would definitely be the Gourmet Market. Visitors could have as many free food samples as the stomach could handle. Needless to say, the ones that were hard to avoid were the numerous chocolate stalls and never-ending wine tastings.

At the moment the show is going around Britain and next weekend it is moving to Birmingham. The tickets for the event are available here.