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Basement Galley – Underground Dining

Basement Galley is coming back for another year to offer you an unforgettable dinner down on the tube right before Christmas. The underground dining is an amazing opportunity to indulge in exclusive culinary meals and make friends with strangers.

Words: Lyubomira Ivanova, Subeditor: Toni Hart

Just when you thought you had seen it all, we suggest you should think twice. London Underground has been running for almost 153 years and one of the most common things you will see on your journey is people snacking. The other thing, which all of you have either experienced or seen especially on an evening trip or over the weekend, is drinking booze most likely form a water bottle.

But, what if we tell you it is now possible to have an actual four course meal on the tube and have wine from a proper glass. Wouldn’t you love it? Well guess what – it is real thanks to Basement Galley.

Underground Dining, Photo Source: Pinterest
Underground Dining, Photo Source: Pinterest

Apart from the amazing French cuisine with strong Skandinavian influences, you can experience something which if not great, would be different. The decommissioned 1967 Victoria Line carriage is the place where the event is hosted and talking to strangers is a must. And that is exactly what makes the dining experience different compared to a normal passenger experience. It is more about what is known as “travelling in style”.

It challenges and encourages its commuters to mix with all the strangers eating next to them. And that is not all.

Underground Dining, Photo Source: Pinterest
Underground Dining, Photo Source: Pinterest

To keep with the Underground dining theme, the menu is presented with as they called it “service information” where different tube line colours are going to be used for the different courses on the menu list.

There will be a bar set up where various drinks and cocktails will be served to warm you up before the meal.

The tickets for the event can be purchased either from their website, or from Grub Club. So before they sell out hurry up and get one, you will not regret it.